RelayStock at Yasgur's Farm

 I really wanted to call this article "That time we Patched things Up" (Patch Linden Remix) or something but it seems misleading and is too long to be a good, punchy URL. 

Those of you that reached out after my scifi meltdown post, thank you yes, I am happy to report that my besty and I hung out again and she realizes I'm just an idiot so hopefully we'll coax her into more new adventures.

And ZOMG what an adventure she had for us today!

I had read that the Belli Passports would react to a thing that both Abnor Mole and Patch Linden would carry around but I had thought it was happening next month at RFL! Instead, at RelayStock, there they were large as life stamping passports!

So I had no idea what RelayStock was but my bestie said it was a thing she'd just got a notice about and also thought they had passport stamps so it seemed perfect and bam! I've never seen so many Lindens in one place and until today had only seen Moles as dots on some undeveloped lot. This was friggin awesome.

There was a competition between teams of Lindens, and this year a Mole team, and whichever team raised the least money got their heads shaved. Bald avies for (ok I missed the how long part). And who cares, they raised a TON of money and I know I had a blast and I got to hang out with the people who make this digital land I love. 

So thank you gods for returning my friend.
and thank you Lindens and Moles for doing this awesome event!

Some pix!

Let me add that the banter on the stream and in local was hilarious and I'm pretty sure we'll have another tornado-free year in Bellisseria;

[13:43] Patch Linden shouts: Donate to team #4 for a tornado free Bellisseria!