Bawling at the SciFi Convention

 So I don't wanna get all emo but my besty trusty sidekick pal from this blog and I had a falling out and this was my first day of adventuring without her not only at my hip but in my life and so I went into the adventure a complete basket-case and it went down hill from there.

Long story short, I needed a place with a lot of pizzazz because this girl and I have been friends for like ten years and I was afraid this giant hole in my life wouldn't fit in my boat, so in this week's BBB notecard there is a link to the SL Science Fiction Convention and there is a special passport stamp there and I knew this was perfect because I dreaded getting passport stamps as much as adventuring because I dragged my friend along getting passport stamps with me just the other day and we had a blast.

I'm not gonna drag this out, I was a mess at the scifi convention and I could NOT find the effing BBB kiosk. I just wanted to get it and go home and bawl and seriously, this thing was wedged in between two little shops but good. I was using the NOTECARD from the BBB which has no clues. After search of the whole place, I went to their website and there was a picture of the kiosk so I knew it existed and about twenty five laps around the place later I finally had figured kinda where it should be and so I asked the BBB Group where I could find it. 

They helped I found it, message to the BBB- it's a passport not a hunt. Don't hide the thing please or rename it. I've traveled all around the real world and never had to hunt down someone to look at my passport, they are usually right there when you land.

Anyway. I miss my friend. She was always an ace at hunts. She would have called the woman at the kiosk a cow for not helping us. She would have made it fun.

So, about the scifi convention.

I didn't see any of it. I took three pics and bailed. I spent so long looking for the effing kiosk I used up all the time I would have spent at the science thing. And I'm not alone. In the group chat someone said exactly this: (I redacted the name to initials) 

[13:06] DA: I'm going to go back to the con tomorrow, Teresa, to take a leisurely look about the con. I was too concerned yesterday about finding the stamp terminal (my two times through) that I didn't really get a chance to relax and enjoy everything. I'm really looking forward to it.

Love letter to the BBB, please don't hide kiosks.

So that was my first adventure as a solo artist. I miss my friend terribly. Thanks for reading.