Bus Party Crashing

 Ok so I REALLY hope Newser covers this because they are great bloggers and will have facts and details and stuff and they had one of their amazing bloggers there with us, but I'm not saying it was Gemma in case she doesn't feel like blogging it. 

She did take a couple of nasty spills, after all.  We all did. and OMG was it fun!!

Ok so here's the SLuggle version. I log in at like noon and there's a brand new notice in one of my favorite social groups about a BBB embassy thing.

Well sure!

So I put on a gown and went and it wasn't a gown thing at all. It was a bus ride around someplace.

Well sure!

And OMG was it ever fun!!

I was thinking we were riding a bus to a party where my gown would come in handy, but again, I was mistaken and it was an embassy bus tour to get passport stamps.

I stopped collecting stamps a while ago because, well, you all know me- adding another HUD to mess up is not going to help anything, I can barely handle changing the color on my couch. But I had such a good time anyway!!! 

We had three buses full of wonderful people, and it was coordinated by my friend Yukiko Yeshto, who does a bus tour around various places and it truly is fun. 

Because there were so many people, they had special guest bus drivers who bravely tried to steer rowdy stamp collectors around through winding roads and region crossings.

The bus I was on crashed into a copse of trees almost immediately and then it was the most hilarious series of spins and rolls and group angst ever. I laughed nonstop. Honest to goodness, this was so much more fun than a club, best entertainment choice I could have made. 

We ALL had a blast, except the drivers probably, but I do hope they know how much fun they brought us all!

I think we had at least 24 people on the bus I was on at one point, it was FULL of names. I don't know how many of the buses finished the route, by the end we'd had at least one bus change and a couple of teleports from the edge of a region back on board, and people got off and rode horses and stole motorcycles and all kindsa crazy fun things. 

It truly was a blast. Thank you BBB and thank you Yukiko!!

Here's a throwback to another of Yukiko's tours!

Ride the Bus to the Party!